Guangzhou Textile Renew the engine and sail the digital sails to conquer the world

April 18

The 131st Canton Fair, which lasted for 10 days, came to an end on April 24. Guangzhou Textile Import and Export Group Co., Ltd. participated in the "Cloud Canton Fair" for five consecutive sessions. The path of transformation and reform.

Behind the five consecutive sessions of "Cloud Canton Fair" is the epitome of China's embrace of the wave of digital economy under the epidemic situation. In the face of the raging epidemic, Guangzhou pressed the "slow button" two weeks ago, but the digital exhibition of the spinning company has not stopped. The physical exhibition hall with the theme of "Origin of Nature" created by the company and the new products of the same series, together with the broadcast of virtual exhibition halls, 3D products, short videos, live marketing, etc., break the time and space constraints, and shine in the cloud since the opening of the Canton Fair. Not only has it attracted the attention and extensive coverage of domestic mainstream media, but it has also actively attracted people, appearing on Xinhua News Agency Overseas News, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, VK, Pinterest and other international social media, and realized the Simplified version of Facebook 6 homepages in Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and Arabic will be live broadcasted simultaneously, allowing social media fans who have needs and interests in B2B trade to experience the warm atmosphere of the company's Canton Fair and provide all-round information to potential buyers around the world. , Multi-angle display of the company's self-designed new products and corporate culture image.

Riding the train of the times and embracing digital reform, Spinning Company, as a traditional foreign trade enterprise, actively assesses the situation and never stops moving forward in the face of dramatic changes in the development trend. While exploring new development directions, it also does not forget to focus on the main business. Now that we can’t get out and get in, we will continue to export the company’s independent marketing business overseas by using the new business development of “5G+Industrial Internet”, and once again create a marketing network that communicates with the world to better meet the fashion needs of global consumers. Unicom International embarked on the fast track of "buying the world and selling the world".